Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Central Coast Cancer Challenge

Please join us in celebrating life and supporting cancer services in our county. We have created a great event for the whole family. Go to www.CentralCoastCancerChallenge.com today to sign up to walk, run, ride or volunteer for this great event for a great cause!

Sunday, October 4, 2009


I am back to blogging! I have taken some time off to rest and reflect on what I have to share to the big wide world, and I am happy to say that my FUN blog will be focusing on the crazy, fun, wild and often heart wrenching side of life after cancer and the lessons that my friends and I have learned along the way!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Wear Yellow and support LIVESTRONG

Today is LIVESTRONG day, to raise awareness and understanding about cancer, the need for research, diagnosis and treatment options. This is also one of my days to stand up and and say that if I hadn't been diligent with my own health I would not be here today! It was just over 4 years ago that I was diagnosed with Stage IIIC breast cancer at the age of 32. Everyone thought I was crazy to worried about a lump that didn't even show up on a mammogram. Thankfully a few smart people and myself said that no matter what I needed a biopsy-and who would have expected such a grim diagnosis.

The Lance Armstrong Foundation has done a great job to raise awareness to the plight of cancer patients and survivors around the world. LAF has been especially keen to draw attention to the middle group, the 18-40 year old group, who are still losing the fight to cancer. The younger cancer patients are the only group, who still have increasing death rates due to cancer- because too often cancer gets overlooked until it is advanced. So I urge you to be diligent with your health, and remember that cancer touches all of our lives, so remember to live each day, and to give back each day! My give back is to the Lance Armstrong Foundation, because I have personally seen them touch the lives of many cancer patients, as well as increase awareness on a global scale- not many charities can say that they do both of those things so well! To find out more check out their website and LIVESTRONG!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Breast cancer and Chemotherapy side-effects

This isn't quite the fun-blog I normally write, but equally important! I went to one of my monthly support groups last night, and as we often do, we got into the side-effects of chemo-therapy and the only side-effect that I like to talk about is LIFE. I get to be here today because I was aggressive about treating the cancer that I got at the age of 32, and I am here today at age 35 because I didn't and don't worry about any other side-effects. They sucked and they don't matter, they were the means to the rest of my life! Happy living my fellow breast cancer survivors! Choose to LIVE and thrive with cancer, not to suffer from it!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Improg word of the week, Nonsense

Nonsense! That is our word for the week, so basic it should be easy to work with, but yet here I sit struggling with where to take it! There is so much nonsense in our great country today, but I don't want to get political. There is so much nonsense around the world with the price of oil and the access to medicine, but I don't want to go there either. So once again I am going to stray from the norm... I know Hayley you are shocked!! I am going to make reference to home staging and say that the number one most important rule about selling you house is to make sure it has "non-scents"!!

Strange smells are one of the most obvious to buyers and almost never noticed by occupants. So a word to the home seller: ventilate, ventilate!! And Clean!! And if need be remove your carpet and paint your walls! Whatever it takes to make you place smell neutral, or my new word "non-scents"! For more great home staging tips check out my official home staging blog: http://lightbrightandairy.blogspot.com

Good luck and happy house selling!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Word of the Day, Knockers!

I am on a mission to BLOG about these words in a way least expected. So here it is:
Miss Hayley passed along this great word Knockers, and as a breast cancer survivor of almost 3 years, it has an obvious meaning. Today I am going to talk about the less obvious meaning. As a Real Estate Home stager and house "flipper" I want to talk about the knockers that people put on doors. Now in the country where doorbells are not commonplace, I get why people have door knockers, but in town where doorbells abound, what the heck did anyone ever need to install the knocker for? This is a most perplexing question!!

I am on a mission to flip and stage the stupid ugly walmart knockers off the doors of American houses which already have doorbells (sorry if I have offended anyone, who adores their walmart knockers)! It also goes naturally with the other meaning for knockers, and my word to the wise is- if you are in need of knockers of all kinds... avoid the cheap budget friendly version and opt for the classier expensive version!!